Exciting times for konfer

Exciting times for konfer

These are exciting times for konfer, our innovation brokerage platform.

The success of our Alpha-live release has meant that we have had confirmation of funding from our partners, HEFCE and the Research Councils, to continue development and translate all the feedback and insight our Alpha site has gathered into a better and more user-focused platform.

This work, to continue development and our engagement with universities and in particular businesses, will take place over the next few months, with a Beta version of konfer going live in mid-2017 and a full launch around September 17.

But that’s not the only good news. konfer has also been featuring in a lot of recent policy discussions and debates. Most recently this saw konfer being a key discussion point in the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee enquiry on IP management and technology transfer (video above).
Dr Tony Raven (Chief Executive of Cambridge Enterprise) spoke positively about konfer in the first session of the enquiry.

In the later session, the National Centre’s Dr Rosa Fernandez hailed konfer as a way to reach those organisations and individuals previously daunted by collaboration with universities.

Rosa will be blogging on her views following the evidence she gave to the committee, in the coming week.

Help us make konfer even better

We want konfer to be as useful as possible, so we are currently sharing an Alpha version of the site. This means things may be a little rough around the edges and there may be some bugs we need to squish! But, we hope that by sharing the site with you early, we can work together to make it better.

We’d love to get your feedback and any suggestions you may have, so let us know your thoughts at konfer@ncub.co.uk.

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