Autumn 2018 Programme

Autumn 2018 Programme

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Here's a month by month selection of event dates for your diary. Please note that all events are for NCUB members, by invitation only. To suggest topics for future events, programmes, research or reports, or for any questions about the autumn schedule, please email

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Skills & Talent Roundtables


Student wellbeing: Supporting the transition from education to employment

The mental health of students has gained wide publicity recently but there has been less attention on the experiences of students during transition into the workplace. Universities and businesses share an interest and responsibility to build resilience and support new graduates to thrive in the workplace.

The final roundtable will be held on World Mental Health Day to promote and celebrate the work of our members and on 30 November NCUB will advise the student mental health charity ‘Student Minds’ on the outcome of the series.


events014 Oct 14:00-16:00,  London | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

10 Oct 10:00-12:00, London | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

6 Nov 14:00-16:00, Bristol | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

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Skills & Talent Roundtables


Social mobility: Enabling opportunities for all

In association with the Bridge Group

Many NCUB members have expertise in social mobility, yet initiatives have less impact when they occur in isolation. To combat this, our series of focused, cross-sector meetings will bring together the expertise of our business and university members to collectively inform the social mobility charity ‘The Bridge Group’ and the Social Mobility Commission.

Key points and additional evidence emerging from these meetings will be submitted to the Social Mobility Commission and the Bridge Group by 30 November 2018.


events0516 Oct 10:00-12:00, London | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

30 Oct 14:00-16:00, London | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

1 Nov 14:00-16:00, Leeds | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

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Research & Innovation Roundtables


Leveraging university-business collaboration to raise total R&D investment in the UK to 2.4% of GDP

Chaired by Professor Graeme Reid, Strategic Advisor to NCUB

The Government’s commitment to 2.4% of GDP investment in research and development by 2027 will require a major increase in business investment in the UK. Historical patterns suggest that strong partnerships between universities and businesses are a significant factor in attracting that investment.

Government has promised to publish a plan for the delivery of its 2.4% commitment during autumn 2018. Key conclusions from these discussions will be submitted to Government and UKRI before the plan is published.


events0311 Sep 14:00-16:00, London 

2 Oct 14:00-16:00, Birmingham | NOW FULL

3 Oct 14:00-16:00, Manchester | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

9 Oct 10:00-12:00,  London | NOW FULL

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Research & Innovation Roundtables


Maintaining the UK’s high standing in the world of knowledge exchange

Chaired by Professor Graeme Reid, Strategic Advisor to NCUB

To deliver against the ambitions of the Industrial Strategy, and extract the fullest value from the UK’s research and innovation capabilities, even better university-business collaboration will be required.

In concert with Research England, we will bring together examples of success, ambition and remaining obstacles to better knowledge exchange. These will be submitted to Research England and devolved funding bodies to build on earlier NCUB advice on the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF). This latest NCUB advice will coincide with the next stage in the development of the KEF.


events0418 Sep 10:00-12:00, London

11 Oct 14:00-16:00, London | NOW FULL

25 Oct 14:00-16:00, Cardiff | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

14 Nov 14:00-16:00, Glasgow | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST (last places remanining)

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Can we deliver the UK’s Industrial Strategy without degree apprenticeships?

This one-day conference will consider the role of degree apprenticeships in delivering the Government’s Industrial Strategy, closing skills gaps in key sectors and creating new high-value jobs.

It will examine the current policy landscape and explore how supply and demand for degree apprenticeships is incentivised. Delegates will discuss and shape a vision for the future of degree apprenticeships and generate recommendations for policy-makers.

Key points from the conference will be shared with DfE by mid-December 2018.

Find out more about degree apprenticeships and what the National Centre is doing in this area.


events058 Nov, 99 City Road Conference Centre, London REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

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NCUB Annual Lecture delivered by Jeremy Darroch, CEO of Sky

The world is changing at pace and with it the requirements for a modern workforce. While traditional skills taught by universities remain important, what more should these institutions consider to ensure future leaders have both the technical capabilities to enter the world of work, but also the skills needed to successfully navigate the social, economic and political impact of a changing world?

The Annual Lecture 2018 will be given by Sky CEO, Jeremy Darroch on ‘Preparing graduates for a more challenging world’ where he will discuss the need for resilience, empathy and adaptability especially in the context of the increasing impact of technology on society.

Followed by a drinks reception, this annual flagship event provides real insight and major networking opportunities, with leaders from universities, business and government in attendance.

For more information please contact


events0619 Nov 18:30-21:00, The Royal Institution, London | REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

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