Nottingham Trent University and Freshcut Foods

Nottingham Trent University and Freshcut Foods


The need:

Freshcut Foods is a Nottingham based business which provides a wide range of retail and food services to major UK chilled food manufacturers. The company had already worked successfully Nottingham Trent University on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to develop management planning and control software. The KTP Associate, a Software Engineering graduate from NTU, painstakingly developed a comprehensive planning and control system built on the Sage platform, which gave Freshcut Foods the ability to manage its products and customers, while improving areas such as planning, sustainability and waste reduction.

Having completed this, Freshcut Foods realised there was little on offer to enable SMEs to manage the complexities of manufacturing and business processes. The company recognised that the software could be an important tool for other businesses and enlisted the University’s support for a second time to explore selling the system to small manufacturing businesses.

The solution:

Nottingham Trent University and Freshcut Foods secured funding  for a short KTP to launch a new business designed to capitalise on the software systems developed in the original KTP. The short KTP enabled the Associate to develop the system for use by other manufacturing companies and to offer a range of solutions, such as cloud computing.


The  project resulted in the creation of a new business, RopeWeaver.  This allows other small manufacturing companies to purchase the operations management system. The system addresses the most common areas within production and stock management. This helps businesses to keep down their costs, better manage their products and customers, and enables improvements in planning, waste reduction and the use of materials.

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