Technology Transfer: Heliex Power

Technology Transfer: Heliex Power

Established in 2009, Heliex Power Ltd is a spin-out from City University London’s Centre for Positive Displacement Compressor Technology recognised for its world-leading expertise in screw compressor technology.

The company was founded by Dan Wright MBE and Professors Ian Smith and Nikola Stosic. Heliex’s two investors are BP Alternative Energy International and Greencoat Capital.

Based in East Kilbride, Scotland, the company now employs 25 people and made its first sales in December 2012.

Heliex has developed patented technology which extracts energy from waste steam, or waste heat, generated by industrial processes and has already won strong worldwide interest in its unique screw-expander based machine.

The key innovation in Heliex’s design is that it can operate with so-called ‘wet steam’ – steam which is at a low pressure and temperature and often contains water droplets that would destroy traditional machines. This means that the expanders can be implemented in a wider array of applications from power generation, concentrated solar power, biomass and marine propulsion to food and drink, paper, chemical, and steel industries, and public services such as hospitals and district central heating.

In October 2013 Heliex Power received a major boost by being named in the Global Cleantech 100 list, an internationally recognised benchmark register of companies which will have a real impact on future sustainable development. A 90-member expert panel selected the list from 300 short listed finalists drawn from a staggering 5,864 nominated companies from 60 countries.

Heliex Power

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Technology Transfer: Heliex Power

Established in 2009, Heliex Power Ltd is a spin-out from City University London’s Centre for Positive Displacement Compressor Technology.

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