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University of Reading

At the University of Reading we're taking a fresh approach to working with business, focussing on building positive, long-term partnerships.

We recognise there are a number of drivers for businesses looking to engage with universities, from access to our students and graduates, through to use of our facilities and access to our networks and research expertise. Our aim is to work with you to understand your needs and find the right approaches at the right time.

Developing skills for 21st century lives

We believe the breadth of skills that our students develop while at University is key. So our degree programmes aim to complement the academic rigour of critical thinking with opportunities to develop broader problem-based and people-based skills. This is supported via our University-wide entrepreneurship programmes, our RED award that supports students in developing essential employability skills plus a range of internship and placement opportunities available to all our students. Additionally, we’re actively embedding the Henley Business School experience into programmes across the University through joint programmes such as our Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration for Pharmacy undergraduates.

Innovation via partnerships and collaboration

At the University of Reading, we're taking a different approach to innovation, using collaboration as on opportunity to develop new knowledge and foster impact rather than generating new IP. Our focus is on developing successful and rewarding partnerships with the companies we work with, by taking a different approach to solving business problems. This is supported through the Knowledge Transfer Centre, which aims to provide a simple and easy to access "Front Door" to the University, building on our success in supporting and delivering Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, by offering a far wider range of support to businesses looking to collaborate and innovate.

Our support to businesses is further enhanced with Henley Business School playing a key role within the University, offering companies access to a full service business school, including programmes for business, networks such as the Henley Partnership (a unique best practice network), and collaborations with the world-class applied research centres within the School.

Thames Valley Science Park

We're building on this fresh approach by bringing companies in close proximity to the University through our new Science Park. Here entrepreneurs will act as role models for academics and students, we'll actively facilitate knowledge, skills and people transfer to companies and will support the development of partnerships to enhance the performance of companies.

Contact Us

If we sound like the kind of University you're interested in working with, contact Owen or Anna in the Knowledge Transfer Centre to discuss your business needs and how the University of Reading can act as a key partner. You can call us on 0118 378 8214 or email on

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