Why join NCUB?

Why join NCUB?

There has never been a more urgent time to unite universities and businesses. In our fundamentally different political and economic environment, the UK needs vibrant and productive partnerships that develop graduates and create innovative products and processes. The National Centre for Universities and Business brings together leaders from higher education and business to tackle issues under two broad themes:

  • Talent – ensuring universities deliver the skills business requires in a fast changing technological and market landscape.
  • Research and Innovation – ensuring business, large and small, can leverage and support the research and innovation capabilities of Britain’s universities.


Member benefits

As a National Centre member, you will benefit from:

  1. Membership to a unique network of senior leaders
  2. Access to a multi-disciplinary membership network of innovative companies and universities
  3. Opportunities to input into policy recommendations and proposals for industry, HE and the government, and to develop change management programmes. Our reports and recommendations for future action and policy changes have a proven track record of impact
  4. Invitations to UK-wide events and roundtables, providing real insight and networking opportunities with leaders from universities, businesses and government
  5. Opportunities to participate in Task Forces and working groups
  6. Reports, briefings, and email updates on the latest policy and economic developments, best practice and sector trends
  7. A high-level monthly update from the National Centre’s Chief Executive
  8. Invitations to feature in our annual flagship publication, the State of The Relationship, showcasing outstanding partnerships from our members
  9. Opportunities to share success collaboration stories on our website and social media networks
  10. A network where best practice is shared and where there are ample opportunities to discuss industry hot topics with other businesses and universities
  11. Access to our digital platforms

If you have any questions, and to become a member, please contact us here

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