London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science

For the betterment of society

LSE is one of the world’s leading social science universities. We have committed to a strategy that will build on our strengths, address challenges and maintain our worldwide reputation for excellence.

Priorities for the future

The LSE’s future depends on enhancing our quality, our innovation, and our intellectual distinctiveness as a leading institution for social science.

Our 2020 Strategy sets out a roadmap for how we intend to meet these challenges.

Our strategic priorities are to:

1. Education
We will lead in the provision of excellent disciplinary and interdisciplinary education. 

2. Strengthening and supporting faculty and staff
We will continually improve faculty quality, research performance and intellectual innovation and enhance the quality of our professional service staff.

3. Equity, diversity and inclusion
We will strengthen our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and take relevant action throughout the institution.

4. Leading globally in social science
We will lead – and continue to be recognised as leaders – in innovative, international, interdisciplinary and issue-oriented social science.

5. Diversifying our revenue streams
We will enhance and diversify our revenue streams.

6. Developing our campus
We will secure an estate and other facilities commensurate with our standing and aspirations.

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