Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Only Connect: university-business realtionships in a networked age

Analysis: Only Connect

Case Study: Unilever

Case Study: Open University

Chapter 2: Connecting Innovators

Case Study: Rolls-Royce

Question: Should growth programmes take a national or local approach?

Analysis: Keeping a sense of perspective: which businesses collaborate with universities, why do they do it and how can collaboration be enhanced?

Case Study: Lancaster University

Case Study: BP

Case Study: The University of Manchester and BP Strategic Partnership

Chapter 3: Small Companies and Universities

Case Study: City University London

Analysis: Hunting the Snark? In pursuit of the fabulous six percent

Case Study: Centrica

Question: How can we help smaller businesses engage with universities… and vice versa?

Case Study: University of Hertfordshire

Question: How can business gain easier access to the research base?

Case Study: Goldsmiths

Chapter 4: Policies for Collaboration

Analysis: Policies for science-industry collaboration

Case Study: Cardiff Metropolitan University

Case Study: University of Surrey

Question: Can university-business collaboration enhance private investment in the research base?

Case Study: Balfour Beatty

Chapter 5: The role of intermediaries

Analysis: Bridging the gap: innovation intermediaries

Case Study: Boeing

Case Study: Brunel University

Question: How can innovation policy unleash growth potential in university business collaboration?

Case Study: Oxford Brookes

Case Study: University of Aberdeen

Case Study: University of Oxford

Chapter 6: Building collaboration capacity in universities

Analysis: Tracking collaboration across UK HEIs

Case Study: Elsevier & Queen’s University Belfast

Case Study: Astra Zeneca

Quesion: Are emerging research nations capitalising on international knowledge exchange?

Case Study: Plymouth University

Case Study: University of Birmingham

Analysis: Globalisation, universities and the patenting of inventions

Case Study: King’s College London

Case Study: University of Nottingham

Chapter 7: Partnerships and pathways

Analysis: Talent pathways

Case Study: Santander

Case Study: Sheffield Hallam University

Case Study: University of Brighton

Question: How can partnerships grow talent?

Case Study: PwC

Chapter 8: Building career portfolios in partnership

Analysis: Tackling persistent skills shortages

Case Study: University of London

Case Study: Aston University

Question: How can we maximise the pool of high quality talent in MTEC?

Case Study: University College London

Question: Can a culture change be effectively encouraged without direct funding?

Case Study: University of Glasgow

Chapter 9: Anchoring universities to local need

Analysis: Creative-Digital IT: fusion and confusion

Case Study: Teesside University

Case Study: University of South Wales

Question: Can placements of academics facilitate long-term partnerships?

Innovation Scotland

Case Study: Digital Health Institute

Case Study: University of Southampton

Case Study: Northumbria University

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