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Advice Blogs and Videos:

Q&A: Candidates who are confident are often the ones that get the jobs from Sheffield Hallam University
Patricia Quinn from Sheffield Hallam University shares her thoughts and advice for students worried about finding work.

Win with the Santander Universities 60-Second Pitch Awards from Santander
For your chance to win £1,500 plus support from Santander, just pitch your new business idea, concept or product in a 60-second video.

Deciding what to include in your CV by Guardian Careers
Instead of trying to cram your entire career history into your CV, be selective and make sure every sentence underlines your suitability as a candidate.

How to work hard without it being hard work by A Thinking Head blog.
Working harder is only harder work during the period of time that it takes to become a habit. This blog explains why hard work doesn't need to be a continuous chore. 

Professional skills required by undergraduates in today's workplace  by Tessa Webb on the NCUB blog
Chartered Marketer and Associate Lecturer outlines the most important professional skills needed by graduates in the workforce.

Top Reasons Why Employers Throw Away Your CV in the Bin from the International Business Times by Ian Silvera
Are you a team player, someone who is going to disrupt the market? Or maybe you are results driven and have an entrepreneurial spirit? Stop. This type of jargon-laden junk-talk will get your CV thrown in the bin, according to City and Guilds.

Job interview tips: expert advice for graduates from the Guardian by Alison White
A panel of career advisers how graduates can ensure they shine during job interviews and convince recruiters they're the one for them.

How to Impress When You're the Youngest One on the Team from themuse by Jessica Taylor
What you can do at work or placements to make and impression, even without experience.

10 students and graduates who stood out in career search by John Watkins on the NCUB Blog
Director of University of Surrey Careers Service offers advice to students and graduates by sharing 10 of his top anecdotes.

How to use Linked in to find a job by the University of Leeds Careers Service on YouTube
This great YouTube playlist from the Leeds careers centre shows you how to make the most of LinkedIn in looking for a graduate job.

Becoming an expert on graduate job searching by Martha Christie on the NCUB Blog
Martha Christie discusses the daunting experience of job searching and reflects on how internships have impacted her career choices.

Guardian Careers from the Guardian
This is an portal on the newspaper's site designed for people at any stage of thier career but there's certainly plenty for grads with CV and interview tips as well as industry Q&As. You have to sign up, but it's free and you get a free ebook.

PwC Employability Videos on YouTube
This PwC playlist of employiability tips has some great examples of using the skills and experience you already have in application, for example how working in retail isn't so far removed from dealing with clients in a professional environment.

Do students need to be more assertive? from the Guardian by Abby-Young Powell 
You invest a lot of time and money in your university degree, so stand up for yourself and ask for what you need

Developing global graduates for a global economy by Robin Parker on the NCUB Blog
President of the National Union of Students Scotland on the Scotland Goes Global initiative to encourage Scottish-based students to study abroad.

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