How I got my job

How I got my job

When you're looking for a graduate job, it can be hard to imagine that it will ever happen. Here are some people who have actually gone and got one, sharing some advice about what you can learn from their experience. 

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Other stories

How I got my job at Jesmond Engineering Ltd by Richard Perkins from University of Hull

Richard graduated from University of Hull with a Mechanical Engineering degree, he explains how he found his new job role and the steps it took to get there.

How I got my job at Aston Martin by Michael Carter on the NCUB Blog
Michael Carter graduated from Birmingham City University in 2013 and now works with world renown automotive company Aston Martin. He shares his story with NCUB.

How I got my job blogs from the Leeds University Careers Centre blog
The careers centre blog at Leeds has a whole series of great blogs from Leeds students and graduates about how they got their jobs and internships. There are loads, packed with great advice about getting into PR, Social Enterprise, consultancy and some students who started thier own business. 

How I got my job at Capgemini Sogeti by Morten Ohm Laursen on YouTube
Not a normal recruitment process for Morten in getting his dream job at consulting firm Capgemini Sogeti. He explains all in this innovative animation he made on YouTube.

From recent grad to senior management: Q&A with Katie Flaherty on the NCUB Blog
Katie Flaherty explains how a Knowledge Transfer Partnership helped open doors for her.

5 Reasons to love Structural Engineering from Talent 2030
Niri Arambepola, a Structural Engineer at WSP highlights five great aspects of her job.

New graduate to high-flying executive: How did she do it? on the NCUB Blog
How exactly did the nervous new graduate make her transition from duty manager at a Dublin hotel to high-flying executive in a global company – in less than two years?

How I got my job - Russ Cummings, CEO of Imperial Innovations on the NCUB Blog
He discusses everything from turning ideas into businesses and how his will impact the university.

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