50 Under 30 Network

50 Under 30 Network

“We have a lot of future to look forward to: our time horizons are 30 years, not 5 years” – Dr Ed Brambley, Cambridge University.
What is the 50 Under 30 network?

The NCUB 50 under 30 network are a group of members who have been drawn from business and higher education and nominated by their respective organisations. The networking group come from an array of sectors and areas of academic expertise and are all identified as possible future leaders.

Why 50 Under 30?

A steering group was organised in its formative stages where members from both academic and business backgrounds raised a range of issues relevant to to their respective areas and discovered the issue of "Short Termism" that affects leadership in the workplace. NCUB discovered this was something that united them all.

Choosing "Short Termism in Leadership' as a theme for the year came about after speaking to individuals and asking what issues would affect their organisations over the decades to come.

Our Actions

Those nominated have formed a network with the aim of gaining a better insight into their own field and others, and fostering collaboration where appropriate. Through social media platforms such as a private LinkedIn Group and networking events, the group have space to join forces and take action. There is a particular focus in the network on leadership. NCUB's first 50 Under 30 network saw an array of suggestions made such as regional meetings and sector specific meetings in the long run.

The 50 Under 30 network will commission further research and activity into the future requirements of leadership in a global setting.

Who is involved?

The network is coordinated by NCUB's Director of External Affairs, Aaron Porter. The Steering Group's Academic members included Dr Ed Bramley, Cambridge University, Dr Vincent Sterk, UCL, Dr Paul Baxter, Plymouth University, Dr Ruchi Gupta, Manchester University, Dr Eleftheria Lekakis, Sussex University and Kate Saunderson, Dundee University.

50 Under 30 on ncub.co.uk:

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