A Digital National Centre

A Digital National Centre

NCUB digital platforms
The National Centre for Universities and Business develops national digital platforms for innovation and graduate talent development.


Live platforms


To help business find and connect to research and innovation opportunities in UK universities, the National Centre is developing a brokerage tool, konfer.online. This links to research, facilities, academics and sites from every university in the UK. 


Research shows undergraduates with work experience are more likely to be employed, have increased confidence, attain better classifications of degree, and get a better job faster. To help create a national pool of work experiences, particularly for students from disadvantages backgrounds we are developing a work experience platform under the working title Brand U which will launch in October 2017 under the name ‘Placer’.

Read the press release announcing our partners here


Funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in response to the Perkins Review of Engineering Skills, the engineering>workwith is a one-stop shop for all engineering businesses on how to work with a university.


In development


To overcome the barriers for business and university interaction, we developed a new brand >workwith. Filled with resources and guides and inspiration they will be rolled out sector by sector as we secure funding.


For more information about any aspect of our work please email info@ncub.co.uk 


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