Growing Value

Growing Value

How do we make the most of the UK’s research base?

That's the question behind Growing Value, which seeks to maximise the economic impact of the UK's world class research. 

The Growing Value project has grown out of the Enhancing Value Task Force, a collaboration between NCUB (then CIHE) and the UK-Innovation Research Centre (UK-IRC). The Task Force was co-chaired by David Eyton of BP and Dame Shirely Pearce then Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University. They undertook extensive research on this question and produced four key reccomendations: 

  • Maintaining the excellence of the UK Research Base through long-term strategic commitments from government.
  • Prioritising and financing collaboration, and the sharing of best practice in innovation, between UK universities and businesses, local and global.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial corporate management in universities in order to enhance risk-taking and innovation in business.
  • Developing sector strategies to incentivise university-business interactions designed to match specific sectoral systems of innovation.
Growing Value research series:
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