About the Leadership Council

About the Leadership Council

The National Centre has a unique Leadership Council of senior business leaders and Vice Chancellors drawn from our member organisations.

Each of our member organisations nominates a leader from the very highest level to sit on the Leadership Council, making it a powerful networking body. View members of the Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council establishes the priorities for university-business collaboration. By bringing together expertise from every single part of the UK and a range of economic sectors the Leadership Council can identify the challenges at the interface between universities and business and how to work together on them.

In this way the Leadership Council guides the work of the NCUB, with their recommendations setting NCUB's priority areas, leading to our Task Forces and Projects and ensuring NCUB is led by leaders.

The Leadership Council also has a formal role to evaluate, advise on and approve membership of the NCUB Board of Directors and our annual corporate strategy. 

Members of the Leadership Council also receive exclusive invitations to other NCUB Events, including Chatham House style meetings and the NCUB Annual Lecture.

The Leadership Council is a unique and influential body from NCUB, the only organisation bringing together universities and business to influence government and solve the country's challenges.

The NCUB Leadership Council

Led by Leaders Blogs from members of the NCUB Leadership Council:

Only 17% of UK universities are run by women – why? 
by Professor Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University

The University of Hull and entrepreneurs – a partnership working wonders 
by Professor Calie Pistorius, Vice Chancellor, University of Hull

Scottish Innovation Centres – a game changer 
by Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice Chancellor, University of Glasgow

What’s business got to do with universities? 
by Professor Colin Riordan, Vice Chancellor, University of Cardiff

Why the 21st century university must promote economic benefits 
by Professor Mark E Smith, Vice Chancellor, Lancaser University

Why we like Knowledge Transfer Partnerships 
by Professor Janet Beer, Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University

Business matters: why collaboration holds the key to economic growth 
by Professor Don Nutbeam, Vice Chancellor, University of Southampton

A dearth of agriculture graduates is threatening food sustainability 
by Quintin McKellar, Vice Chancellor, Univeristy of Hertfordshire

Why the University of Birmingham is opening a comprehensive school 
by Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice Chancellor, University of Birmingham

Connecting the dots: universities, communities and innovation 
by Professor Wendy Purcell, Vice Chancellor, Plymouth University

Putting universities at the heart of economic growth 
by Professor Wendy Purcell, Vice Chancellor, Plymouth University

The Witty Review: Driving future growth 
by Professor Julia Buckingham, Vice Chancellor, Brunel University

Innovating ethical and profitable food security 
by Professor Quintin McKellar, Vice Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire

The difficulty in perfecting partnerships 
by Professor Sir David Greenaway, Vice Chancellor, University of Nottingham 

The research triangle 
by Simon Bradley, Vice President, Airbus UK

What are we looking for in tomorrow's leaders? 
by Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive, Sky

Cambridge: A magnet for global business 
by Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice Chancellor, University of Cambridge

Innovation and the University of London 
by Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice Chancellor, University of London

Supporting business-industry collaboration 
by Iain Gray, Chief Exectuive, Innovate UK

University-industry interaction: Good to great?
by Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice Chancellor, University of Glasgow

Manufacturer or service - or both? 
by Dame Julia King, Vice Chancellor, Aston University

The changing climate in collaboration 
by Nancy Rothwell, University of Manchester

Creating value from collaboration 
by Arnold Longby, 
Managing Director, Executive Education And External Relations, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Placements, internships & sandwich years 
by Professor Quintin McKellar, Vice Chancellor, University of Hertforshire

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