Quality Placements

Quality Placements

Student placements, internships and work experience programmes benefit business and students alike. NCUB is currently mapping what is really going on in student placements across the UK. In an initial research project, working with the Higher Education Academy, the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HECSU) and employment and skills consultancy CFE, NCUB conducted an in-depth study into the landscape of placement provision across the UK.

The research has highlighted the huge range of activity that is taking place in the UK from traditional, year-long sandwich placements to short, informal work experience, and with students and employers from a very diverse range of subjects and industries. Within this vast array of placements, the research has also identified the aspects of placements that make them a “quality” experience for the student, employer and university.

NCUB have already taken part in several dissemination events with HE bodies across the UK in order to share initial findings and receive feedback and contributions from those that have valuable experience in placement provision. The initial research conclusions and case studies to demonstrate these findings can be found in our Quality Placements Online Report

Our work in gathering evidence about how the existing system of placements is working continues with an in-depth study of placements for Computer Science undergraduates. This study is funded by Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and is entitled Growing Experience: A Review of Undergraduate Placements in Computer Science

We are also currently working on ways to improve the quality and quantity of placements in the future through collaboration with universities, businesses and other related organisations. For further information and to feed in ideas and comments please contact inga.sileryte@ncub.co.uk.

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