NCUB Research Reports

NCUB Research Reports

NCUB issues a range of publications to suit our wider audience, including Task Force reports, expert opinion pieces, and series such as the State of the Relationship

NCUB Research Reports are those that are primarily based on the work of our internal research team, with original evidence and findings.

Strategies for Sustaining Growth of Income from Knowledge Exchange across Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UK

Public incentives for knowledge exchange (KE) seek to develop academic engagement, remove obstacles to collaboration, and embed a culture of enterprise across the HE sector. KE activities are also a source of income for HEIs and reached £3.57bn in 2012-13. This report offers new evidence on the patterns of and reasons for sustained growth of KE income across HEIs in the UK.

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Growing Experience: A Review of Undergraduate Placements in Computer Science for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

We surveyed forty Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the UK about the quality and quantity of current computing placement activity, and explored in depth their views, working practices and their perception of the barriers to student uptake for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). To complement these findings, we sought insight from three major technology employers.

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Career Portfolios and the Labour Market for Graduates and Postgraduates in the UK

This is the first in a series of NCUB reports commissioned by HEFCE on business requirements for graduate and postgraduate skills. Employers said that in some sectors the degree subject is no longer sufficient to identify the best candidates and that in a modern economy they seek agile staff who can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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