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The Smart Specialisation Hub has been set up to work with 38 LEPs in England to add to the work they have already done as part of the innovation process.

The National Centre co-delivers the Smart Specialisation Hub, England’s platform for place-based innovation intelligence and analysis. Funded by and working with Government, the Hub provides data, best practice advice and insight to local actors across the country, and triangulates national policy inputs with local and regional innovation strategies. The Hub also works to embed the nation’s world-leading research specialisms into local growth projects and priorities.

Annual Report 2017

The Smart Specialisation Hub project, co-delivered by the National Centre, is pleased to present its second Annual Report which showcases a cross-section of Hub activity over the past year.

The Hub has continued to support place-based innovation; build on the matrix of data that constitutes our analysis of local areas’ assets, strengths and activities; and engage in the debates around the future of innovation in the context of Brexit, the advent of UK Research and Innovation and the Industrial Strategy.

The Report is built around case studies which reflect on the impact and potential of the Science and Innovation Audit programme - administered by Government and designed to surface local and regional world-leading specialisms, and the Hub’s activity in support of those Audits; our publication ‘Mapping England’s Innovation Activity’, a high-level visual representation of local areas’ innovation strengths, brought up to date with the most recent available data; and forward-looking thinkpieces reflecting on the future of the research, innovation and funding architecture in the UK.

We also include a summary of other Hub activity and a call to action - whether you are a Local Enterprise Partnership, university, local or combined authority – to engage with the Hub project and explore how we can support strategy development in your area.

The Hub project sits at the nexus of university-business collaboration and aligns with the National Centre’s commitment to support the partnerships that will drive the productivity and growth agenda in the UK against a rapidly shifting structural backdrop.

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Author: Smart Specialisation Hub

Published: 28 November 2017

Download the report here.

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