Smart Specialisation

Smart Specialisation

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The Smart Specialisation Hub has been set up to work with 39 LEPs in England to add to the work they have already done as part of the innovation process.

What is Smart Specialisation?

Smart Specialisation is an approach to investment in innovation that helps key local players identify and exploit the sectors in which they can claim to be world-leading.

Smart Specialisation allows each region the chance to build on their comparative advantages in skills or industry, and the opportunity to work in collaboration with other localities to drive productivity and innovation.

It’s about building diverse specialisms, making more compelling cases for investment and securing better value for money.

What is NCUB's role in Smart Specialisation? 

The Government announced its intention to establish a Smart Specialisation Advisory Hub (S3AH). This is intended to support effective design, delivery and alignment of EU, national and local Research and Innovation (R&I) policies (especially those that are ESIF co-funded). The Government asked NCUB to progress the design and development of the hub - and possibly to host its establishment.

The Smart Specialisation Hub is being set up, managed, and maintained by the National Centre for Universities and Business, in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd (KTN). It is working closely with funding partners from organisations dedicated to encouraging innovation.

How can I find out more?

Visit the Smart Specialisation Hub to:

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